Feature: Explaining Sufi Music

The Charlottesville Podcasting Network is proud to debut a new series of feature reports on the cultural and spiritual life of the South Asian community in Central Virginia. Our reporter Deepak Singh has worked for the BBC, and currently calls Charlottesville home. Deepak will be producing regular stories, and we will eventually have a dedicated podcast for the South Asian community.

This introductory piece gives us some insight into the nature of Sufi music.

6 Replies to “Feature: Explaining Sufi Music”

  1. This piece features some beautiful music and great mixing. Can’t wait to hear more from you on podcasting. Do keep us up
    to date on what’s happening here in central Virginia.

  2. Great job by Deepak Singh, hope we hear more from this reporter, I tell u he will go much above the ladder of success. Keep up the good work and if possible please start making the video as well, I knwo now I would be the regular listener of such events. This is a good experiment. I loved it…

  3. Its good to hear that people in United States are taking interest in fascinating and extremely varied South Asian music and culture. This innovative and informative piece of Sufi music in Podcasting Network by “Deepak Singh” is an appreciating step in this area. I am looking forward to some more feature reports by Deepak Singh. Keep up the good work “Charlottesville Podcasting Network”.

  4. Hi,

    Excellent job! beautiful harmony of music and narration . But it was so short. I wish
    next presentattion will be longer. Because ‘ye dil maaNge more’.

  5. As a UVA student, it was great to hear coverage on the diverse events happening around grounds, especially those concerning the South Asian community.

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