About CPN

The Charlottesville Podcasting Network was created in February of 2005 by Sean Tubbs, a radio producer who saw podcasting as a way to create a new platform for his work.

CPN features stories on arts and culture, interviews with news-makers, lectures and public forums, theater previews and more.  Through a combination of original productions and partnerships with local organizations, CPN has provided thousands of hours of audio programming since it launched.

There are many ways to access the site

First, you can just visit us every day to check for new content. We post new podcasts each week, so please keep coming back.

Second, subscribe to our RSS feed and read it using something like Feedly. There are also many excellent RSS readers for iOS and Android. If you need help with RSS, read Waldo Jaquith’s excellent RSS for Total Newbies.

Our History

“For me, podcasting is an evolution from broadcasting,” Tubbs said. “Broadcasting is an agricultural term originally, meant to describe the mass throwing out of seeds, hoping some of them will grow into plants. Podcasting is more about the seeds being thrown into the waiting soil of those who want them.”

“Podcasting is a transition medium, meaning, it’s a temporary thing that will continue to change as the Web matures into something a bit more manageable,” Tubbs wrote to a journalist in 2006.

“I’ve entered into this stuff because I wanted to create great programming, original programming, and podcasting offers me a chance to take risks I can’t take in actual radio. My aim is to use podcasting as a way to drive grass roots attention back to the foundations of why public radio was founded in the first place,” said Tubbs.

CPN Today

In January 2014 stewardship of CPN passed to long-time podcaster Dan Gould. Dan has a background in community-based radio and has produced over 1000 feature length podcasts for the site. In May 2022, Sean Tubbs returned to his role as the site’s Webmaster.