Wake-Up Call: Historically Important Elections

On the November 23rd Wake-Up Call Rick Moore is joined by Sidney Milkis, UVa Professor of Politics and Faculty Associate at the Miller Center of Public Affairs. During the hour, they discuss changes in the election process historically, critical elections that were influential to American history, and the possibilities for future elections to come.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Quentin Kidd joins Coy Barefoot

3.24.11 Associate Professor of Government at Christopher Newport University Quentin Kidd joins Coy to discuss the latest in Virginia Politics. He talks about the significance of the newly proposed redrawing of district lines, and he talks about the process of potentially implementing the plans. Kidd also provides his thoughts on the possible Kain vs. Allen race.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Bob Holsworth joins Coy Barefoot

3.14.11 Founder and President of Virginia Tomorrow Bob Holsworth joins Coy to discuss all things Virginia politics. Today, Holsworth addresses the chances of a Tim Kaine v. George Allen election, and he also comments on all of the press the Tea Party has been receiving over the past week. You can hear all of that and more, right here.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Bob Holsworth joins Coy Barefoot

2.28.11 Founder and President of Bob Holsworth joins Coy to discuss recent political news in the Commonwealth. On the docket for today’s conversation are Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell being on the short list for the Vice Presidential nomination, the continued discussion surrounding the privatization of ABC stores, and the new safety standard requirements for abortion clinics. Holsworth is also a Managing Principal of Decide Smart.

Charlottesville–Right Now: David Swanson joins Coy Barefoot

2.24.11 Best-selling author and political analyst David Swanson joins Coy for an extended conversation about the events in Wisconsin. Swanson breaks down the comments made by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker during the recent prank call by an imposter claiming to be well known philanthropist and political advocate David Koch. He also addresses the idea of a “class war” which we may or may not be witnessing in the Packer state. Finally, the two discuss the movement right here in Charlottesville to give UVA employees a “living wage.” Be sure to check out his most recent book War is a Lie.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Bob Holsworth joins Coy Barefoot

2.14.11 Founder and President of Virginia Tomorrow Bob Holsworth joins Coy to discuss all things Virginia politics. The big story, of course, is the decision of Jim Webb to retire at the end of his term. Holsworth gives his assessment of the reaction of both parties to the announcement, and he also talks about the chances of Tim Kaine claiming the nomination, and the chances of Tom Perriello running, given his seemingly large grassroots support.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Professor Herman Schwartz joins Coy Barefoot

12.2.10 Professor Herman Schwartz from the University of Virginia’s Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics joins Coy discuss a variety of current events. Among the issues addressed in the conversation are the extension of the middle class tax cuts, the fundamentals of unemployment insurance, and a whole lot more. Coy calls this guest “one of the smartest men to ever enter the studio,” and today he lived up to the title. Be sure to check out Schwartz’s most recent book Subprime Nation: American Power, Global Finance and the Housing Bubble.