Salsa Dancing in Charlottesville

Salsa dancers in action in Charlottesville

Some Charlottesville residents have found a way to brush up on their Spanish…and their dancing — at the same time. And all without travelling to a South American country. Reporter Deepak Singh takes us to a salsa dance club. This piece was originally aired on NPR affiliate WVTF

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Cricket in Charlottesville

A game of cricket in Charlottesville

Charlottesville is known for its global scene — exotic restaurants, world music, cultural events and festivals. In a city where people representing dozens of nations live and work together, Charlottesville adds one more thing to its list to flaunt its international flavor: Cricket. Reporter Deepak Singh has the story. This piece was originally aired on NPR affiliate WVTF

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CLAW — Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers

An arm wrestler

In Charlottesville, Virginia a group of women are “hooking”, “top rolling” and “shoulder pressing”–all in the name of raising money for charity. Reporter Deepak Singh has more on the game of Arm Wrestling. This piece was originally aired on NPR affiliate WVTF

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Growing Up Godly, but Gay

Joel Barrett

Joel Barrett, a resident of South Bend, Indiana, recently flew to NYC with his partner David to get married on their 7th anniversary. He is working on a book about his experiences of growing up “godly” but gay in a conservative Baptist home and of his struggles of going through 2 1/2 years of ex-gay therapy. He discussed some of his thoughts with reporter, Deepak Singh.

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Musician from England visits Charlottesville

Jamie West

Charlottesville is known to attract artists and musicians from all over Virginia who come to showcase their talent and entertain people. Jamie West, a twenty-four year old musician traveled all the way from England to play music on the streets of Charlottesville. Deepak Singh compiled this audio report.

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Women’s Four Miler

Virginia’s largest all-women’s four mile race took place in Charlottesville, keeping its twenty six year old tradition. More than twenty eight hundred runners and walkers of all ages and abilities particpated on August 30. The main cause of the race was to raise money for the UVA breast cancer program and this year they were able to raise more than three hundred thousand dollars.

The Family Donut: Fresh and Organic

CPN reporter Deepak Singh meets with Matt

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Rohdie and Jen Downie, a couple who recently started a mobile doughnut business in Charlottesville called Carpe Donut.V Deepak finds out about what motivated them to start such an enterprise and why they picked doughnut over some other street food. Matt Rohdie explains how his version of doughnut is different from others.

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A Barber’s Tale

CPN correspondent Deepak Singh talks to Robert Lee Bishop, a Charlottesville barber who has been cutting hair for almost a half century. Mr. Bishop talks about his love for the profession and how he enjoys learning from his customers. Bishop also reveals that he gives free haircuts to his “special customers” who are mentally disabled. Robert Bishop, who is also known as Bobby, wants to retire when he is a hundred years old.