Wake Up Call: Spark of Music

On the June 23rd Wake up Call, Host Rick Moore talks with Carla Manno of Spark of Music, A charity focused on providing musical instruments and lessons for people unable to get them, Amy Laufer of the Charlottesville City School Board, and Red Knierim of Red and the Romantics To discuss the state of music education and its importance to developing children.

Salsa Dancing in Charlottesville

Salsa dancers in action in Charlottesville

Some Charlottesville residents have found a way to brush up on their Spanish…and their dancing — at the same time. And all without travelling to a South American country. Reporter Deepak Singh takes us to a salsa dance club. This piece was originally aired on NPR affiliate WVTF

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CLAW — Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers

An arm wrestler

In Charlottesville, Virginia a group of women are “hooking”, “top rolling” and “shoulder pressing”–all in the name of raising money for charity. Reporter Deepak Singh has more on the game of Arm Wrestling. This piece was originally aired on NPR affiliate WVTF

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Meditation, Music and Wellness: Poetry as Meditation

Meditation, Music and Wellness is a podcast designed to engage your mind, body and spirit. Today’s podcast invites listeners to explore the way poetry can be a meditation. One of the poets we read is David Whyte, and the book is The House of Belonging. Also, visit our website: http://www.integrativemusicinstitute.com or email us at info@integrativemusicinstitute.com for more information about our workshops and trainings.

Meditation, Music and Wellness is a podcast designed to engage your mind, body and spirit. We will invite you into our conversation on various meditation practices and how sound and music can be used to support your meditation practice. We will offer strategies to enhance wellness, creativity and spirituality through the transformative power of music.

The Wendy Edwards Show: Hobbies that Pay it Fwd

Who’d have thought you could Pay it Fwd through your favorite pastime? Helpful hobbyists Renae Chiovaro and Brian Geiger talk about how using coupons and creating homemade recipes instead of buying processed foods can save you money and promote the health of your family. Learn how simple changes in your shopping routine and techniques in the kitchen can turn you into a smart shopper and real “food buster!” Singer/Songwriter Sarah Blacker shares how she pays it forward through music over the phone while on her way to her gig at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall (4/19) in Charlottesville.

Tara Hourihan of Fluvanna, Virginia, tells us about her missing husband Rob and shares details that could help someone find him. It’s a strong and informational podcast this week on The Wendy Edwards Show.

The Wendy Edwards Show

Andrea Finkelstein, Hawaiian resident and Red Cross volunteer gives updates from the island of Maui and shares how you can best help the places afflicted by the earthquake and tsunami, no matter how far away. Then competition for The Next Voice Over Star! heats up with On-Hold Message Week! Chester Hull of Prosound and Hollywood Theatre Lab coach/local television host Lana Young stop by to review auditions submitted by our five contest finalists. The voting continues for The Next Voice Over Star! Conelrad suits a somber mood with completely free downloadable music.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Tyler Magill Fills Coy In On The Happenings at WTJU

7.14.10- Tyler Magill, long-time veteran DJ at WTJU, fills Coy in on the happenings at the free-form radio station owned by the University of Virginia. He tells Coy about Monday’s town-hall meeting where it was decided that WTJU would remain eclectic. In addition, Magill gives his vision for changes he would like to implement at WTJU.

Musician from England visits Charlottesville

Jamie West

Charlottesville is known to attract artists and musicians from all over Virginia who come to showcase their talent and entertain people. Jamie West, a twenty-four year old musician traveled all the way from England to play music on the streets of Charlottesville. Deepak Singh compiled this audio report.

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