Sunday Morning Wake Up Call Rt. 29 Western Bypass

Rick talks with Sean Tubbs, senior reporter with Charlottesville Tomorrow, about the Rt. 29 Western Bypass.

Sean Tubbs joined Charlottesville Tomorrow in 2007 as its first Program Officer. Now Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Senior Reporter, Mr. Tubbs began his journalism career in 1992 while working for a Virginia Tech school newspaper. He transitioned to radio news and has worked at both non-profit and public radio stations in Virginia, including a stint as news director at WNRN. His 2001 documentary on Virginia’s Eugenics Movement won a regional Edward R. Murrow Award. Mr. Tubbs founded the Charlottesville Podcasting Network in 2005 where he pioneered the use of audio podcasts for public media in Central Virginia.

You can read Charlottesville Tomorrow on the web at


Land use expert traces connection between community image, economic vitality

Charlottesville Tomorrow held its first ever “community conversation” on January 10, 2011. Land use expert Ed McMahon with the Urban Land Institute delivered an hour long presentation about the connection between a community’s self-image and its economic performance. Read more at Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Pantops Fire Station public hearing

At their meeting on October 19, 2010, the Albemarle County Planning Commission held a public hearing on a critical slopes waiver for a new Pantops fire station. Planning commissioner Cal Morris asked during the meeting that the station be expanded to accomodate a meeting space. Read more at Charlottesville Tomorrow.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Brian Wheeler Updates Coy on Growth and Development in Charlottesville

8.3.10- Brian Wheeler, of Charlottesville Tomorrow, gives Coy a weekly update of growth and development. Today’s topics include Charlottesville effort to become three demensional on Google Earth, the water supply plan, RWSA, water conservation,and Albemarle Place.

Charlottesville Right Now: Brian Wheeler Update’s Coy on Growth and Development in the County

7.12.10- Brian Wheeler, of Charlottesville Tomorrow, updates Coy Barefoot on growth and development for the county. Topics include the best pie in the state, the Board of Supervisor’s Action Plan for economic growth, and possible traffic patterns for the 250 bypass and 29.