Cardinal Corner Episode 2: Recommendations for New Home Construction

From the Cardinal Corner:

To start our first series, we took some time to talk to Matt Utz, our Madison store manager. With an extensive background in home construction and nearly 20 years working with both contractors and homeowners at Cardinal Home Center, Matt has certainly seen it all. This episode dives into some of the most common questions we see from homeowners preparing to build custom homes in the Charlottesville area.

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Cardinal Corner: A podcast produced by the Cardinal Home Center

This website was started in 2005  as an experiment in podcasting. Eighteen years later, that’s what it still very much is. Since Town Crier Productions took the site back over in 2022, there’s not been much printed here. Most of the activity is over on the Charlottesville Community Engagement feed on Substack or on Information Charlottesville.

But there are a lot of podcasts out there and it’s time again to experiment with the concept of this being a network. So, here is a link to an area podcast. I got this from Emmet Aylor of the Cardinal Home Center.

“This podcast, produced by Cardinal Home Center (, interviews experts at our stores to get insight on how to tackle your home renovation challenges. We hope to help guide listeners through some projects they’ve been looking to do and introduce our team!”

In the first episode, host Maggie Glass spoke with Michael Freeman, a Benjamin Moore paint salesman at the Crozet location. They talked about some considerations for how to start picking a color, how you can keep your budget down when painting, and how to prepare before you come in to one of our stores.

I can’t provide a play button here, but I can link directly to that episode on the following services.