Voices of Poverty: Volunteering Can Make a Difference

Shaele Wood started volunteering in college, and is now the United Way Thomas Jefferson Area’s Volunteer Center Director. Shaele shares how to find volunteer opportunities by visiting www.BeAVolunteer.info an online database that allows visitors to search by keyword, issue area addressed, type of opportunity, youth and family opportunities and more. Volunteers can also view an online calendar of special events, training sessions and one-time volunteer opportunities. Produced by Voices of Poverty.


Voices of Poverty: Physician Chooses to Serve the Poor

When Dr. Greg Gelburd decided to open his own practice, he chose to offer a sliding-fee scale option for people not covered by health insurance. He struggled to find a lender for his practice because of this choice, but was able to find a way to do cover start-up costs in spite of that. Dr. Gelburd not only shows his compassion in his practice, he also regularly volunteers his time in medically underserved areas such as Honduras and New Orleans. Produced by Voices of Poverty.