PUBLIC HEARING pilot program

This 27 minute documentary pilot is an experiment in raw reporting from the February 17 meeting of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The idea for the show is to send one producer or reporter into a public hearing where a controversial issue is up for discussion. The producer talks with the people who attend, and these interviews are not reduced to soundbites, making for a much longer story, but one that better represents the complexities of the issues at hand.

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For background: Dominion Power currently has no official plans before the NRC to build the reactors, but have filed for an early site permit to clear the first hurdles should they decide to proceed. Opponents of nuclear energy say the process is rigged in favor of nuclear power, which they claim is dangerous and financially reckless.

Please comment and let us know what you think about the sound quality and the public affairs quality of the report.

3 Replies to “PUBLIC HEARING pilot program”

  1. I find Sean Tubbs’s effort to present a factual, experienced-based account very intriguing. He appears to present his material in the order and setting in which he collected it, and the “feel” is very much like being there. It is a varied experience from what I had at the meeting, but that is to be expected. Ten people attending the same event and hearing the same speeches will share a lot in common – but they will still experience it ten different ways, even due to differences in perspective, where they stood, and with whom they spoke.
    Mr. Tubbs’s affect is accurate, real. Perhaps as a direct result, I find this communication medium interesting, and I look forward to other reports of this nature.
    By the way, this piece was linked from the NEI Nuclear Notes blog:
    See Focus On North Anna, under Tuesday, March 15.

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