Local woman compares life in Mumbai with Charlottesville

Three years ago, Deepak Singh began producing features on South Asian culture for the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. On one of his recent trips to India,he met with Suzanne Manair, a doctoral candidate from the University of Virginia who is currently living in Mumbai. She was there for a year to accompany her husband who is doing research for his thesis. Suzanne shares some of her experiences in the financial capital of India and compares life in Mumbai with Charlottesville.

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Hillary Clinton addresses UVa politics class on eve of primary

On the day before Virginia’s presidential primary, students in Larry Sabato’s American Politics 101 class were treated to one of the two main candidates left in the race – New York Senator Hillary Clinton. The venue for the class was changed to Old Cabell Hall to accomodate the crowd.

Shortly into Clinton’s talk, a power failure knocked out the recording equipment being used to supply the audio feed to the media. Our recording picks up after a few minutes, with Clinton continuing her theme of the role of democracy in the United States. Several of the questions are not audible, and we’ve done what we can to restore the sound.

Over the course of her talk, Clinton responded to students’ questions on the topics including: the role of United Nations, making English the official language, embryonic stem cell research, and whether being a woman has helped or hurt her in her race for the presidency.

Read a full report on her appearance at the Hook.

If you’re planning on voting in the Democratic primary, we have audio from the two other Democrat. Senator Barack Obama spoke on October 29, 2007, and Representative Dennis Kucinich spoke on December 10. Clinton’s first appearance in Charlottesville from last September is also available.

Homecoming Part Two: An essay on returning to India

A Major intersection in Lucknow

CPN correspondent Deepak Singh recently got back from a trip to Lucknow, and is still settling in to his life back here in Charlottesville. Late last month we brought you his first essay which described his first few moments back in the country. This week, Deepak tells the story of what it was like being back in India, a place that has changed rapidly since he left two years ago for Charlottesville. Follow Deepak Singh on Facebook and Twitter.

Homecoming: An essay on returning to India by Deepak Singh

A major intersection in Lucknow

The end of summer is here, which means a new crop of programs here on CPN. We’re returning to an old theme this week with a new piece from Deepak Singh, our reporter for the South Asian community here in Central Virginia. Deepak spent this summer back in Lucknow, the first time he’s been back to India in two years. Here’s the first of two essays from Deepak about returning home, only to find that he was beginning to miss Charlottesville. Follow Deepak Singh on Facebook and Twitter.

Feature: An Introduction to Kathakali

Throughout American history, people from all around the world have flocked here in search of a better life, and to reinvent themselves. Some people assimilate into the melting pot, while others remain isolated, keeping to themselves. But America can only reach its full potential when new traditions are brought to our shores, to stand alongside those that go back centuries.

In the second in our series of reports on the South Asian Community in Central Virginia, Deepak Singh takes us to a recent Kathakali night sponsored by the UVa chapter of the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth. Kathakali has been a story-telling fixture in South India for over 500 years.

Feature: Explaining Sufi Music

The Charlottesville Podcasting Network is proud to debut a new series of feature reports on the cultural and spiritual life of the South Asian community in Central Virginia. Our reporter Deepak Singh has worked for the BBC, and currently calls Charlottesville home. Deepak will be producing regular stories, and we will eventually have a dedicated podcast for the South Asian community.

This introductory piece gives us some insight into the nature of Sufi music.