Hillary Clinton addresses UVa politics class on eve of primary

On the day before Virginia’s presidential primary, students in Larry Sabato’s American Politics 101 class were treated to one of the two main candidates left in the race – New York Senator Hillary Clinton. The venue for the class was changed to Old Cabell Hall to accomodate the crowd.

Shortly into Clinton’s talk, a power failure knocked out the recording equipment being used to supply the audio feed to the media. Our recording picks up after a few minutes, with Clinton continuing her theme of the role of democracy in the United States. Several of the questions are not audible, and we’ve done what we can to restore the sound.

Over the course of her talk, Clinton responded to students’ questions on the topics including: the role of United Nations, making English the official language, embryonic stem cell research, and whether being a woman has helped or hurt her in her race for the presidency.

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If you’re planning on voting in the Democratic primary, we have audio from the two other Democrat. Senator Barack Obama spoke on October 29, 2007, and Representative Dennis Kucinich spoke on December 10. Clinton’s first appearance in Charlottesville from last September is also available.