John Grisham interviews Hillary Clinton at the Paramount

On September 23, 2007, New York Senator Hillary Clinton came to Charlottesville’s Paramount Theatre to raise money for her presidential campaign. She was interviewed by Albemarle County resident and best-selling author John Grisham for about an hour before the floor was opened up to questions from the audience.

(I was assigned this story by WVTF Public Radio – check their website for the feature I filed for them)

16 Replies to “John Grisham interviews Hillary Clinton at the Paramount”

  1. I have purchased every book that John Grisham has published and had them displayed on a bookshelf in my living room. On the day he associated with Hilary Clinton publically I have taken every one of them off and have donated them to our library. Never again will I give one cent to further his career or hers …not that it will make any difference at all since neither need my money but it just makes me feel better. Shame on you John Grisham for not keeping your political preferences to yourself rather than to act like so many “Hollywood stars” that ride on the coattails of big politicians. I am disappointed and on second thought maybe I should have taken the books to the landfill!

  2. I agree with Sue who said she has taken all of J. Grisham’s books and given them away.
    Since I read that he was giving a party for Hillary, I have been completely disappointed in him. Worse than that, he made the statement that President Bush and everyone around him were evil. How judgmental!! How can a Mississippi lawyer come so far from his roots. I have his books, all but the last two in my living room too. I won’t do away with them – they meant a lot to me; however, I will not read the new one I have, nor will I ever buy another one. Maybe he’ll become Hillary’s lawyer someday, and they’ll both have a huge scandal making the books worth a lot of money. Shame on you John Grisham!!!

  3. Sue,You really must not have a clue about what John Grisham did before becoming a best selling novelist. He worked as a lawyer in Mississippi and was later elected as a Democrat to the Mississippi House of Representatives; serving in that capacity from 1983-1990. Naturally, as a Democratic politician it only makes sense that he would !gasp! support another Democratic politician. Man, isn’t life so confusing?

  4. Its so nice to see someone sticking by hillary clinton ..everybody deserves a chance and i am pleased to see someone is supporting her … i come across websites and i think this has got to be the first that supporting her…

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