Charlottesville Community Engagement for March 23, 2024: A look at some of what’s in the city’s draft FY25 budget

Good morning and welcome to Charlottesville Community Engagement for Saturday. March 23. What is this? It’s a weekly look at some of what’s been happening in local and regional government in the part of Virginia where WTJU broadcasts. I’m Sean Tubbs, a journalist keen on writing as much as I can and sharing it in a variety of places.

This website is one of those places! I created this in 2005 as an experiment and that’s still what I aim to do every day I’m at work. This is another example of Town Crier Productions.

In this edition:

  • Albemarle Deputy Fire Chief for Emergency Management details efforts to fight brush fires this week that burned hundred of acres  (read the story)
  • Charlottesville City School names a new principal for Charlottesville High School  (read the story)
  • Details on Charlottesville’s FY25 budget from across a series of work sessions this month (read one story) (read the other)
  • Charlottesville’s Finance Director updates Council on how $19.6 million in ARPA funds have been used (read the story)
  • Social and health metrics program garners Charlottesville a National League of Cities Award (read the story)
Albemarle Deputy Fire Chief John Oprandy at a March 21, 2024 press conference (Credit: Sean Tubbs)

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