Homecoming: An essay on returning to India by Deepak Singh

A major intersection in Lucknow

The end of summer is here, which means a new crop of programs here on CPN. We’re returning to an old theme this week with a new piece from Deepak Singh, our reporter for the South Asian community here in Central Virginia. Deepak spent this summer back in Lucknow, the first time he’s been back to India in two years. Here’s the first of two essays from Deepak about returning home, only to find that he was beginning to miss Charlottesville. Follow Deepak Singh on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Good one man. keep up the good work. With this people would definately come to know about some of the cultural differences between India and USA.
    I specially like the song put in the stat and end which makes the mood to listen to commentry:)

  2. This is wonderful! Deepak’s delivery is warm and engaging, the background music is gorgeous and evocative (and not too loud — I hate it when the music overwhelms the speech), and the atmospheric soundtrack lifted me out of my computer chair and plunked me down in India. I’ll be sure to check back for the second half.

    This piece, once it’s complete, (with Deepak’s second installment) would be a welcome addition to NPR’s “Morning Edition” or “All Things Considered.” I hope they discover you sooner rather than later!

  3. Great job Deepak! I always love hearing the stories of your culture. You did a great job with this. I loved the music!

  4. awesome deepak! but you forgot the second thing that hits you when you get out of the airplane. besides the heat and humidity there is the SMELL– phenyl and stink!!! wonderful piece!

  5. Hi Deepak,

    good work. But I am really confused. You have been in US for only 2 years and you claim to forget everything about india and also are very proud to say so. I have been living in Canada for 16 years and my memory still works. You want to live in a HIGH CLASS JAIL so be it but please do not give wrong impressions about India. Let me ask you one question “How much tax you have paid to the Govt. of India?” Have you paid all your bills on time? When you were in India you were part of the system. You have already contributed you part to the corrupt system. Now do not blame others. India is changing, India is rising and India is glowing.

  6. Hi Deepak!

    Didn’t you miss India in the least when you were in the US. This is really surprising to know that you almost forgot about your days and time spent in India.

    I have no idea as to how all this ‘mutation’ happened to you. Because, I think India is a country that once visited won’t let you go unless you actually get addicted to it.


  7. Thanks for posting! This site is really great.

    In that way, people will respect the cultural differences between India and USA.

    Hope to see more essays from Deepak.


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