CCE: Several stories about Charlottesville’s draft budget for FY25

Welcome to the April 6, 2024 edition of Charlottesville Community Engagement. I’m Sean Tubbs of Town Crier Productions, a company that seeks to increase awareness of what’s happening at meetings of local government in the greater Charlottesville area. If you click through to the podcast, you will hear a series of stories that have appeared in the newsletter and podcast this past little while.

  • Members of the public speak at hearing on Charlottesville’s next draft budget, which was originally built on three tax rate increases (read the story)
  • Council approves about $1.3 million in funds from the current budget for affordable housing projects (read the story
  • Council also reallocates another $90K in federal funds to BEACON kitchen (read the story
  • On Monday, Council’s newest member called for a steep increase in the personal property tax to discourage automobile usage (read the story)
  • On Thursday, Council agreed in principle to support a budget based on a 20 cent increase in the personal property tax rate (read the story)

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