Live Arts presents In The Blood

In the Blood, by Suzan-Lori Parks, is a play about Hester, a homeless mother of five. Hester is a daughter of our society, the mother or our children, and a victim of her own well meant intentions. She is us; and she is the person we walk by, judge and ignore. Listen here to a conversation with the show’s director, Clinton Johston; and lead actor, Aisha RenG(c)e Moore.

In the Blood plays at Live Arts
March 14 to 29 (preview on 13th)
Box Office: 434-977-4177

[ Pictured: Mark Washington and Aisha RenG(c)e Moore
– from In the Blood at Live Arts. Photos V(c) Will Kerner ]

2 Replies to “Live Arts presents In The Blood”

  1. I was so profoundly moved by this play. The story of Hester left me wit ha deep sense of pity and admiration for her. The pity is not for the circumstances in which she in entrenched. I sense how the very thing about her that makes her a wonderful human being is the very same thing that makes it easy for the world to strip her of that. I admire her, however, because she seems to have an endless reservoir of that humanity expressed through her love for her children, her willingness to hope and trust again and again, and her reclaimation of the value of what matters most to her in the face of so many naysayers.

    This powerful story was only enhanced by the superb acting that brought the play to life on the stage. Each cast member delivered a convincing performance and I hope that their talents are utilized in future Live Arts performances. Particular kudos for Aisha Renee Moore. Ms. Moore truly captured the essence of Hesters humanity and naivete. Bravo to the entire cast!

  2. Still Waters, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I guess you saw the preview last night. For the rest of us, from what I hear, there as still a few tickets left for opening night, tonight, Friday, March 14th, at 8pm. I read it before the interview, but I’m going to see it, tonight.

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