8 Replies to “Wake Up Call: Guns at Kroger”

  1. I wish the interviewer would have asked better questions. If you wanted to present a positive image of a public display of a firearm to make the point that it’s no big deal then why even do it? It apparently is a big deal and puts people on edge and not at ease. Agreed that not everyone with a gun is a bad guy but how do we know which you are? Should we not prepare for a negative outcome while hoping for a positive one? Isn’t that the point of the arm yourself mentality? I believe the officers acted appropriately. They have no idea what is the intent in a situation with an armed individual. I wish they had given him a psych test. I think a psych test should be required for the purchase of any semi automatic weapon.

  2. Lawrence is a self centered absolutist and therefor a bit extremist in his view. No terrorist thinks they are doing a bad thing. Public perception and community standards should be respected or expect push back. Again, how do we know your intent?

  3. Poor judgment. This could have resulted in a second “good man with a gun”, who misunderstood (like so many other of us) and promptly responded in good faith. That could have ending in the wounding or death of one, the other, or both. It could have erupted into a fire-fight in a public place with other injuries to totally innocent bystanders — not my idea of shopping at a grocery store on a Sunday afternoon.

    Given recent events involving shopping malls, movie theaters, places of employment, and schools — walking into a confined public place armed with such a weapon strikes me as irresponsible and stupid. I don’t care about “smiling and being courteous”. Psychopaths are not only fully capable of that, that’s often exactly what they do.

    I don’t fear legal, well-trained individuals carrying firearms. I fear irresponsible fools — almost (but not quiite) as much as armed criminals.

  4. WHAT THE HELL ? you people so far are sick … I think I should start walking around with a flint lock JUST TO PROVE A POINT . WEAPONS DO NOT COMMIT CRIMES . PEOPLE DO . I am laughing at you as well , THANKFUL that you are born in todays BACKAZZ world , and not born at a time in this country when you would see a gun on the hip of just about anyone walking down the side of a street . That would likely have driven most of you left wing swinging barking moon bats , out of what ever mind it is that you even have .

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