The Family Donut: Fresh and Organic

CPN reporter Deepak Singh meets with Matt

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Rohdie and Jen Downie, a couple who recently started a mobile doughnut business in Charlottesville called Carpe Donut.V Deepak finds out about what motivated them to start such an enterprise and why they picked doughnut over some other street food. Matt Rohdie explains how his version of doughnut is different from others.

Dave McNair of the Hook recently wrote about this unique enterprise. Follow Deepak Singh on Facebook and Twitter.

17 Replies to “The Family Donut: Fresh and Organic”

  1. Great coverage of ‘common man’s everyday life. Good series to connect with the ‘American Spirit on street’. Thanks and congratulations for a wonderful coverage. Look forward to next story.


  2. Today, mobile doughnut business really at great pick up. Motivating is the basic of all business, Deepak is on the right way. Keep going….
    Hot fresh and healthy food is the thing which all want. The work is awesome with wide network.
    give updates of such story’s..///

  3. Hi Deepak,

    It was refreshing to hear your voice over the net. This is a good coverage of the doughnut van. You sound pretty regimental in there. I would suggest you to have a smile on when speaking to record… you would sound friendly.

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