Charlottesville–Right Now: A look at the U.Va Patent Foundation

Andrea Alms and Bob MacWright are with the University of Virginia Patent Foundation. They join Coy Barefoot to explain how the group protects the University’s intellectual property. Alms is the the general manager of Spinner Technologies, which is set up to help faculty build companies powered by their inventions.

In the past year, U.Va has been the home to more than 170 inventions. “We’re a volume business,” says MacWright. At least two-thirds of the inventions come from the Medical Center, and Alms and MacWright describe some of the latest research to hit the market.

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  1. Great interview about angel investing in UVA technology. Every university should be so equipped with an office that facilitates researchers and their ideas! A rising tide lifts all boats. Good job UVA. LHG

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