A history of the Jefferson Cable Corporation with Steve Ashby

Steve Ashby was a cameraman with the Jefferson Cable Corporation back in a day when public access television was the only local television in town. Ashby joined Coy Barefoot on the February 26, 2009 edition of WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” for his first radio appearance since 1971. He describes how the “community antenna” system worked in the days before NBC 29 went on the air. Some highlights:

  • Audio of Bob Monroe, the founder of the Jefferson Cable Corporation
  • Audio of Bill Olsen promoting an episode of Premiere Theater on Channel 11
  • Audio from Jefferson Cable’s 1970 Christmas program
  • Caller George Simpson calls in with an anecdote about working at the station
  • Audio from Community History by Bernard Peyton Chamberlain from 1975

Brian Wheeler on the water supply plan, budgets and the Virginia Public Access Project

Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow joins Coy Barefoot every Tuesday afternoon on WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” to discuss growth and development in Albemarle County and Charlottesville. This week on the show:

  • Brian discusses his conversation with David Poole of the Virginia Public Access Project. VPAP tracks the finances of candidates for the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors and the City of Charlottesville.
  • There’s lots of news on the water supply plan this week. First, Mayor Dave Norris is suggesting a new direction for the community water supply plan, as reported by Charlottesville Tomorrow. There was a conversation at the Democratic Breakfast where Norris discussed the plan with Albemarle County Supervisor David Slutzky. Coy and Brian discuss how population growth plays a factor into preparing for the community’s water supply needs. Norris wants the existing dam at Ragged Mountain to have 13 feet added to it, while the current plan calls for a new dam to raise the reservoir’s height by 45 feet.
  • Regardless of what plan is ultimately implemented, the RWSA continues to raise its rates to help cover the costs. Charlottesville Tomorrow reported on the proposed increases.
  • Brian gives updates on the City and County budgets for the next fiscal year

Brian Wheeler on Landmark Hotel, local food hub, and Preddy Creek trails

Brian Wheeler, Executive Director of Charlottesville Tomorrow, joins Coy Barefoot every Tuesday at 5:00 PM for a discussion of growth and development issues in Albemarle County and Charlottesville.

Walt Whitman recounted by VQR Editor Genoways; preview of next issue

Ted Genoways has recently been on sabbatacial from the Virginia Quarterly Review to write a book about Walt Whitman’s life from 1860 to 1882. Walt Whitman and the Civil War: America’s Poet during the Lost Years of 1860-1862 will be published by in July 2009 by the University of California Press. Ted was a guest on the January 7, 2009 edition of WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” with Coy Barefoot. They also discussed the upcoming issue of the Virginia Quarterly Review.

UVA Astronomy Professor Ed Murphy with the top 8 space stories of 2008

Ed Murphy is a professor of astronomer at the University of Virginia, and he joined Coy Barefoot on the January 7, 2009 edition of the WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” to review the top space stories from the previous year.

Top 10 growth and development stories according to Charlottesville Tomorrow

2008 was another big year for growth and development stories in our community, according to Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow. For the third year in a row, he listed the top ten stories on WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” with Coy Barefoot. Visit Charlottesville Tomorrow to see the full list.

Hilary Steinitz and Rachel Unkefer on WriterHouse

They say everyone has a book in them — but it takes the right environment and skills to bring it out. On the Monday, December 29, 2008, edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now, Hilary Steinitz and Rachel Unkefer talked with Coy Barefoot about WriterHouse, Charlottesville’s new writing community. WriterHouse provides classes, writing space, and community for all levels and types of writers. A new slate of classes begins January 2009.

Tips on moving to the country from Frank Levering

On Monday, December 22nd, 2008, Patrick County farmer Frank Levering joined Charlottesville Right Now to discuss his new book, “Welcome To The Country: Tips on Moving to Rural Virginia.” The book was financed in part by the Ballyshannon Fund, which is set up to promote the rural economy. Neil Williamson has a write-up of the book on the Free Enterprise Forum’s blog.

Teacher Ken Bernstein on Obama’s education appointments

Nationally recognized teacher Ken Bernstein joined Coy Barefoot on the November 16, 2008 edition of WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now.” Bernstein is a graduate of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership. He talks to Coy about the educational appointments made by incoming president Barack Obama.