Elementary school teacher stages World Peace Game

John Hunter is a fourth-grade teacher at Venable Elementary School and Chris Farina is a filmmaker. Chris has made a film about one of John’s staple techniques – the World Peace Game. The exercise has students solve problems around the world through role-playing. Hunter and Farina are the guests for this installment of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now with Coy Barefoot.

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  1. I think John Hunter is a genius and his work with kids will change the world. Thank you for broadcasting his work.

  2. Is this game available for other teachers to use? I and several of my teacher colleagues are very interested in this game.

    Is this the same game that in 2001, a for-profit educational company named ‘O. S. Earth’ purchased the principal assets of the World Game Institute and has been offering a Global Simulation Workshop that is claimed to be a ‘direct descendant of Buckminster Fuller’s famous World Game?

    Thank you for your help.

  3. Hi Susan,

    No, not connected with the works you refer to. I invented the World Peace Game in 1978 independent of any others organizations or games. I wasn’t at all savvy about the gaming world back then (was there one in 1978??) but was only propelled by my gifted social studies class needs at the time.

    The film that the interview refers to, is being finished up and hopefully will be released this year. Meanwhile I am thinking of gearing up production models so that others might enjoy.

    Thanks for your interest!


  4. John: As a former SPACE Teacher, and life-long friend, I am so-ooo proud of you and your contributions to mother earth. I’ve known about your game for decades and it’s wonderful to see its continued growth, and worth. All love!

  5. Hi John, Susan Stebbins, former SPACE cadet here. Now teaching college anthropology and Native American studies at SUNY Potsdam, near the Canadian border. Paul emailed me this website and podcast, so cool man. I’d love to hear more about the high school version of the game for a colleague who does a summer program for high school girls here. Take care and keep up the struggle. Susan

  6. Hi Susan!!
    So good to know you are still there, in the thick of it all.
    Our beginnings in the S.P.A.C.E. program were a great start for the kinds of work we do, eh?
    So glad you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been able to develop.
    Here’s one more link of an upcoming in-depth interview about the game:


    Take good care and keep up the good fight!



  7. john,
    it’s such a joy to see this game slowly get launched. i’m sending it to Tom Perriello so it can be taken to Africa and Asia on his journeys. Let’s pray for the children who learn this game, may they carry it into their lives, into their hearts.
    you my friend, are a genius. thanks for sharing.

  8. Please hurry so that others can implement this game with kids. I would like to try it with AAP middle schoolers. They need challenging projects.

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