Vincent Bugliosi on the Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Author Vincent Bugliosi photographed during Manson trials.
Author Vincent Bugliosi photographed during the Manson trials.

Vincent Bugliosi, New York Times Bestselling author of Helter Skelter and The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder, joined Coy Barefoot on WINA’s “Charlottesville-Right Now!” to discuss the evidence and his conclusion that President George W. Bush is guilty of first degree murder.

Bugliosi discusses his role and methods as a true crime writer and lays out his case against George W. Bush for pursuing an illegal war for personal reasons that resulted in the deaths of over 4,000 American soldiers. Vermont Attorney General candidate Charlotte Dennett has pledged that, if elected, she will pursue this prosecution. Bugliosi firmly believes that, if brought to court, he will get a conviction.

The main issue is whether Mr. Bush brought the nation to war out of self defense. If it can be proven that the war was made based on false pretenses, as Mr. Bugliosi’s collected evidence appears to suggest, then murder can be proven. Mr. Bugliosi believes that the death penalty may be appopriate if Mr. Bush is convicted. Bugliosi spoke from Charlottesville, Virginia prior to his talk at the Albemarle County Office Building

Photojournalist Ashley Gilbertson speaks to Jefferson Society

Award-winning photojournalist Ashley Gilbertson showed images from his coverage of the Iraq War and described the war’s toll on the homefront to a meeting of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society on October 10, 2008. This presentation was jointly sponsored by the Jefferson Society and the Virginia Quarterly Review to mark the publication of his article, “The Life and Lonely Death of Noah Pierce,” in the Fall 2008 issue of VQR.

Following his talk, Gilbertson took questions from the audience:

0:32:00 How did you find Noah’s story?

0:37:00 In covering the war, did you encounter any resistance from the military or from soldiers’ families?

0:42:00 Have you met any soldiers who have gotten effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder?

0:46:00 What was your relationship with the soldiers who were protecting you while you were on assignment?

0:51:00 To what extent do you think the military is sweeping PTSD under the rug?

0:53:00 How do the Iraqis feel about the war?

0:57:00 How did your photography change as a result of your change of opinion about the war?

1:00:00 What can we learn from the Coalition Forces?

1:03:00 What problems do we face in transitioning veterans back into society?

1:06:00 Would the leadership of this country benefit if our leaders had experience in war?

1:08:30 Who did you work with in Iraq? How are soldiers of different ranks handling PTSD?