Live Arts presents Disney’s High School Musical

Live Arts is on the cutting edge again… just ask any ‘tween. HSM at Live Arts

In the great tradition of American Musical Comedy Love Stories, Live Arts is presenting Disney’s High School Musical this summer from July 11 to August 2, on the main stage, with all local talent.

As the actors warmed up for their final rehearsal, I had a chance to sit in the back of the theatre and talk to the director, designer and then briefly meet the cast.

Disney’s High School Musical
Live Arts
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Live Arts proudly presents Stephen Sondheim and Hugh WheelerGuv,!v,,us A Little Night Music, directed by John Owen, musical direction by Greg Harris. A Little Night Music will run in our DownStage Theater December 07, 2007 through December 22, 2007.

Set in Sweden at the turn-of-the century, A Little Night Music tells the story of Frederik Egerman, Desiree Armfeldt and Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm, and their revolving love interests. They attempt to sort and resort their relationships in order to fill the voids in their lives. When the characters retreat to Desiree ArmfeldtGuv,!v,,us chateau in the country, they find themselves in the depths of emotions with everything (and everyone) they were trying to escape.

A Little Night Music is a musical whirlwind about what happens when couples explore their relationships, sexuality and each other. Frederick Egerman takes his young, virgin wife Anne to the theatre, forcing her naivety to take a reality check with her husbandGuv,!v,,us infidelity. Anne confides in her friend Charlotte, only to discover that CharlotteGuv,!v,,us husband, Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm is involved in his own illicit romance. Desiree Armfeldt, an actress, finds herself in the limelight of it all. The musical waltzes through the lives of two couples and their affairs, as they exchange partners and sentiments to explore their frenzied relationships. There is no shortage of laughter, confrontation and lusty temptation.

A Little Night Music features a book by Hugh Wheeler with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Wheeler is a multiple Tony Award winner, including his win for A Little Night Music in 1973, a musical inspired by Ingmar BergmanGuv,!v,,us motion picture, Smiles of a Summer Night. A Little Night Music was adapted to the screen in a film version starring Elizabeth Taylor in 1978. Sondheim is an Academy Award winner, and an unprecedented seven-time Tony Award winner. His 1973 Tony Award win was for Best Score of A Little Night Music. He has also received several Grammy Awards, a Pulitzer Prize and has written renowned music compositions, including the score for West Side Story.

Cast, alphabetically: Taylor Baltimore, Ruth Anne Bishop, Rosa Brown, Maya Cichon, Jeff Dreyfus, Dan Finn, Stephanie Finn, Sonya Hayden, Nick Heiderstadt, Luke Hudnall, Marthe Rowen, Dan Stern, Linda Waller, Heather Waters, and Gary White.

Free tickets to the Thursday, December 06, 2007 Preview are available in person at
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Wake-Up Call: Charlottesville’s Music Scene

This week on the Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call, Bob Girard and Charlie Pastorfield, two veterans of the Charlottesville music scene come on to talk about how local performers have changed over the past few decades. They also discuss the documentary Live from the Hook, about the history of Charlottesville’s musicians. The movie centers around Bob and Charlie, from when they met at the University of Virginia though all their musical exploits together since, but is really about all the musicians that have ever played in Charlottesville, and all that are to come. Find out more about the film, and the C’ville music scene in general – only on the WNRN’s Wake-Up Call.

Devil Music Ensemble to present Big Stakes at Satellite Ballroom

On Monday, March 27, the Satellite Ballroom will show a 1922 silent western called Big Stakes. But, the room will be far from quiet, as an electic trio from Boston called the Devil Music Ensemble will be providing the soundtrack. I recently spoke with guitarist Brendan Wood about the group and present this preview.

This podcast is supported by the Daily Progress and their new set of blogs.

Open Division of the Albemarle County Fair Fiddle Contest

This is the second of two installments of the Albemarle County Fair Fiddle Contest, held May 28, 2005. Earlier this week we brought you the junior contest. Today we bring you the open division, with adult fiddlers from all over the region. This program is about eighty minutes long, and concludes with a jam session with many of the contestants.


Albemarle County Fair Fiddle Contest

One of the highlights of the Albemarle County Fair is the annual fiddle contest, but this year, the event was held significantly earlier than usual. The fair has been moved up a month earlier, to August 2 through August 7. That coincides with the Galax Fiddlers Convention, one of the largest events of its kind in the country.

So, a decision was made to hold the 21st installment of the contest on Saturday, May 28. CPN was there to record the event. Today we’re posting the Juniors contest, and tomorrow we’ll post the seniors event. Thanks to the Gravity Lounge for having a great sound set-up for us to plug into.

Feature: An Introduction to Kathakali

Throughout American history, people from all around the world have flocked here in search of a better life, and to reinvent themselves. Some people assimilate into the melting pot, while others remain isolated, keeping to themselves. But America can only reach its full potential when new traditions are brought to our shores, to stand alongside those that go back centuries.

In the second in our series of reports on the South Asian Community in Central Virginia, Deepak Singh takes us to a recent Kathakali night sponsored by the UVa chapter of the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth. Kathakali has been a story-telling fixture in South India for over 500 years.