William Fitzsimmons On THE DROP

William Fitzsimmons

The Hiatus is back off again! With all the releasing of new shows on TV this week, we thought why not introduce you to the next big thing in this weeks episode by featuring William Fitzsimmons and we couldn’t be happier. In this episode William talks about where the sadness comes from, the artsy part of being a songwriter, and how his wild ride in music is shaping up. This episode features the song, “It’s Not True” from the album Goodnight. Download it today!

The J. Davis Trio

J Davis Trio

This week THE DROP gets to experience the newest incarnation of jazz infused hip hop courtesy of The J. Davis Trio. The Chicago based crew have been breaking beats and busting rhymes for a handful of years. You need to check out this band if you’re into De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, or even Common. The latest album, These Things Happen, is full of incredible bass lines, sultry lyrics and essence of cool. We’re a little partial to the track “Breezay”.

The J Davis Trio On Myspace

This Week on THE DROP – 5/21/07

Rosie Thomas

Fire Island, A.K. – The Long Winters
Pass It On – Ugly Duckling
Signal Fire – Snow Patrol
Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above – CSS
Dashboard – Modest Mouse
Nothing’s Meant to Last – Brookville
You’re Not Alone – Saosin
Much Farther to Go – Rosie Thomas
O Valencia! – The Decemberists
The Attic – Fair
So Much Trouble – Matt Pond PA
Take a Chance – The Magic Numbers
Sowing Season (Yeah) – Brand New

THE DROP launches in Boston This Week

Radio You

Starting this week in bean town The Drop one hour radio program is unleashed to the world. I’m really excited about this. WBOS HD2 has launched a new station, Radio You Boston and it’s a real nice fit with THE DROP. Aimed at college students and hipsters alike Radio You is hitting the ground running. THE DROP will be [part of the Monday evening lineup – here it is:

3pm-7pm: RadioYou Rock Block with Chris Douglass
7pm-8pm: The Drop with Dan Portnoy
8pm-9pm: Intercoursing

So give a listen to the show here at 7PM Eastern
I had to use Safari or IE to listen – Firefox kept crashing.


Listen to a 1 minute preview below

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SXSW Special Edition – Headlights

SXSW Special Edition - Headlights

This weeks episode music editor Matt Benson and Dan catch up with Polyvinyl recording artists, Headlights at The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville, Virginia. Download the episode to check out how break dance fighting is still being utilized by the band. We thought this was a great way to lead off the SXSW week of fun down in Austin. Headlights will be playing with indie darlings Page France 3 times at SXSW this week, it’s a brief stopping point on their massive spring tour. Check out the rest of the available dates at the site headlightsmusic.com