A Barber’s Tale

CPN correspondent Deepak Singh talks to Robert Lee Bishop, a Charlottesville barber who has been cutting hair for almost a half century. Mr. Bishop talks about his love for the profession and how he enjoys learning from his customers. Bishop also reveals that he gives free haircuts to his “special customers” who are mentally disabled. Robert Bishop, who is also known as Bobby, wants to retire when he is a hundred years old.

8 Replies to “A Barber’s Tale”

  1. Mr. Bishop must be an incredible barber with all his years of experience. He obviously loves what he does or else he’d want to retire sooner. It’s not easy for an older person to be on their feet like that all day.
    He must have a kind heart too, for not charging his handicapped customers. Wonderful customer service!

  2. I really enjoyed this podcast! It is refreshing to know that there are such wonderful people like Mr. Bishop in our community. Thank you Deepak for capturing these moments and for sharing with all of us.

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