Apropos Of Something: Minding Your Heart’s IQ & Sizing Up Beauty

Apropos Of Something hosts Ellen Daniels and Nancy Laurence talk with Tish Jennings PhD, Assoc. Professor, Curry School of Education, Senior Fellow, Garrison Institute, on how to take stress out of the classroom; and Francesca Calamita PhD, Asst. Professor, UVA’s Dept. of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese, on the paradoxical roles women have in life, art and language.

Apropos Of Something seeks out guests who are passionate about the arts, politics and society at-large. Co-hosts Ellen Daniels in Charlottesville and Nancy Laurence in New York City chat with experts, activists, and the most interesting people they can find. We guarantee every show will be Apropos Of Something.

Join Ellen and Nancy on 94.7 WPVC the Progressive Voice of Charlottesville, every Saturday from 10-11 a.m.