Charlottesville–Right Now: Dede Smith joins Coy Barefoot

1.31.11 Citizens for a Sustainable Water Supply Plan’s Dede Smith joins Coy to discuss the latest on the water supply plan. In today’s conversation, Smith talks facts and figures surrounding the new addition to the dam at the Ragged Mountain Reservoir. According to the new information in place, extending the dam to 42 feet (as originally planned) instead of 30 feet (as was recently voted upon) is actually more financially prudent. Sound bites from an angry Ken Boyd at a recent Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meeting are also included. And finally, the question remains: to dredge or not to dredge?

One Reply to “Charlottesville–Right Now: Dede Smith joins Coy Barefoot”

  1. An angry Ken Boyd? Sounds like Dede Smith and Coy editorializing against someone they don’t like. I hear someone who has watched Citizens for a Sustainable Water Supply Plan try an elevate they “opinions” to be the equal of actual engineers in an attempt. Perhaps he wasn’t taking about Dede- where is her proof?

    About dredging- how clueless is Dede? Ken Boyd is clearly taking about the water plan that will go before the DEQ and how dredging shouldn’t be a part of that. That doesn’t preclude dredging be added later.

    How can she not know this or be so shameless to pretend it is otherwise? Just another attempt by her to spread FUD (fear uncertainly and doubt)

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