Charlottesville Right Now– Author and Blogger, David Swanson talks with Coy

Blogger and author, David Swanson, joins Coy in studio to discuss controversial political topics including the Kennedy Assasination, the foreclosure crisis, violent revolutions and more!

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  1. I don’t beleive the Bush lied and people died lie. I do believe that the inteligence community feed him bad data. I do beleive that the real players (who profit from war) are the Rockerfellers, Rothchilds, Builderbergers, and George Soros type of the world.

    I would not have invaded Irag as I do not beleive that we should police the world or that we should be in the business of Nation building, but I am not shedding one tear for the Husien family. He made his own bed.

    As for Afganistan, we should have taken out Usama Bin Ladden when we had the chance. That would have pretty much ended our envolvement there.

  2. 2 anti war poems

    originally read in honor of my dear friend

    and accomplice-Tom Lewis- at his memorial service from

    Dave Eberhardt (poured blood on draft files with him in 1967- the “Baltimore 4” action)

    “Hi from the Unknown Soldier. I threw away my rifle and went swimming.

    You may have seen me slipping away from the column. Shsssssh.

    If in a desert “theatre” I leave to go look at the night sky with all its stars- Aldeberan (sp?), Rigel, Spica, Eta Carinae.

    I am a statue to the Noble Deserter in the park.”

    I was inspired by artists like Tom Lewis! He had the “duende”- the spirit, the moxie. He had the will to continue in risky action after action- going forward into the Plowshares movement.

    Want to join us? Then practice non-violence, resist war, and don’t forget to move to the left.

    Forgive them mother for they know not what they do.

    Heroes to follow? Tom Lewis, war resisters, Dan and Phil Berrigan,”Plowshares” activists, M. Gandhi, ML King, AJ Muste, Dorothy Day, Quakers, Norman Morrison, Rachel Corrie, Dalai Lama Gary Snyder” I had used this as a leaflet “approved by Pooh, Piglet and Stuart Little”.

    Authors to read: H Thoreau, Dalai Lama, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Wilfred Owen, “Once to Every Man and Nation”

    Dave remakes the hymn:”Once to every man and nation”Now politically correct- still moving: dave’s additions, transmogrifications in parens)

    poem by James Russell Lowell (protesting America’s war w Mexico- with apologies to James)-music tune nicknamed EBENEZER (one name like a Brazilian soccer star)- actually Ebenezer was arranged by Thomas John Williams, a Welsh organist. An Ebenezer is a stone of salvation after the stone monument erected by Samuel after a successful battle with the Philistines- it’s in the Bible.

    “Once to every man (woman, trangendered person, animule, life form) comes the moment to decide.

    In the strife of truth with falsehood (right wing, capitalist sh t/crap) for the good or evil side.

    Some great cause-God’s (goddess, Buddha, Muhammed, Wiccan, abyss, nothing, quarks, muons,) ) God’s new Messiah (Berrigan, King, (insert whomever for occasion), offering each the bloom or blight,

    And (I love this part) the choice goes by forever ‘twixt that darkness and that light.

    Stanza 2: (Now picture this) By the light of burning martyrs. Jesus bleeding feet I track. (can you believe the Unitarians have softened and changed the words in this hymn)

    Toiling up new Calvaries (movement/struggles, revolutions) ever

    With the cross that turns not back.

    New occasions teach new duties (don’t forget education), time makes ancient good uncouth (there’s a stretch for a rhyme James),

    They must onward still and onward, who would keep abreast of truth.

    (o yes)(still true!!!).

    Stanza 3 Though the cause of evil (right wing stuff) prosper (how true), yet tis truth a lone is strong (never forget it).

    Though her portion be the scaffold, and upon the throne be wrong!!! (hmm- who’s on the throne right about now?)

    Yet that scaffold sways the future (think of John Brown at Charlestown) and behind the dim unknown (evolution, other planets more successful than ours?)

    Standeth God (goddess, Buddha, Muhammed, Wiccan, abyss, nothing, quarks, muons, ) within the shadow keeping watch above his/hers/its own (let’s hope so)

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