Wake-Up Call: Gail Milligan of RFB&D

During WNRN’s Spring Fundraiser, host Rick Moore and special co-host, Rick’s 6 year-old nephew Ren Hinchey interview Gail Milligan. She’s the Virginia director of Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic. RFB&D assists those with reading or ‘print’ disabilities through recordings of books.

Rick & Ren discover that textbooks and math books are recorded for users but ‘The Custodian from the Black Lagoon‘ (Ren’s favorite book) is not yet in the RFB&D library. And it’s more difficult to record a children’s book than a textbook. In the last 30 minutes Rick & Ren discuss why T-shirts are good rewards for making a pledge and how it works that Ren’s grandmother is indeed Rick’s mother.