Growth and development update with Sean Tubbs

Sean Tubbs, Program Officer for Charlottesville Tomorrow, filling in for Brian Wheeler, recaps the week’s growth and development news. On the July 29 edition of the show:
* Coy and Sean talk about the mission of Charlottesville Tomorrow.
* The most recent City Planning Commission meeting went until 2:30 AM. Coy points out that attending public hearings after midnight is problematic for most citizens.
* At that meeting, the Commission approved the mixed-use Grove Square project.; Sean gives the what, where, and how.
* A bed and breakfast proposed for the intersection of Emmett St. and JPA was deferred by the Commission.
* The Commission recommended approval of Whole Foods’ application to move from Shopper’s World to the intersection of Hydraulic Road and Hillsdale Drive Extended, next to Kmart. Sean and Coy talk with each other, and with a caller, about the traffic implications.
* Sean and Coy talk about the long term intersection of the community’s transportation and water supply infrastructure needs.