Wake-Up Call: Sean Tubbs

Sean Tubbs (Photo: Charlottesville Tomorrow)

This week Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Rick Moore talks with Charlottesville Tomorrow Senior Reporter Sean Tubbs about current events affecting Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

The Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call is heard on WPVC 94.7 Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m.The station is looking for volunteers. Apply here if you are interested in volunteering.

Charlottesville Considers Increased Meals Tax

The City of Charlottesville is considering a 1% increase in the tax restaurants charge their patrons. Listen as WTJU’s Lewis Reining and Charlotte Paxton discuss the issue with Charlottesville Tomorrow journalist Sean Tubbs.

The excerpt you are about to hear was taken from the Monday February 23, 2015 edition of WTJU’s Soundboad.

Left of Center: Is Charlottesville Media Doomed?

News media across the country are collapsing. After recent staff cuts, furloughs and the shutdown of local printing for the Daily Progress, will Media General be doing more downsizing? Can we support four TV stations? Two weeklies? Will blogs replace all of them? What about the partnership between the non-profit Charlottesville Tomorrow and the Daily Progress, being watched nationally as a possible future model for local news?

That topic was the subject of a Left of Center forum jointly sponsored with cvillenews.com. The event is moderated by site founder Waldo Jaquith.

University of Virginia media studies professor Bruce Williams began with a historical overview of how changing “media regimes” in the U.S. have impacted political communication and civil society, and how the recent ‘broadcast era’ may have been an anomaly in the larger sweep of American history.

Then the event continues with a panel discussion with Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Sean Tubbs, Daily Progress assistant city editor Josh Barney, and Hook editor Hawes Spencer, with moderator Waldo Jaquith, editor of cvillenews.com and Left of Center steering committee member.

Charlottesville-Right Now: Sean Tubbs and Julia Glendening

Sean Tubbs and Julia Glendening of Charlottesville Tomorrow joined Charlottesville Right Now to discuss growth and development issues. Topics on the show included:

Growth and development update with Sean Tubbs

Sean Tubbs, Program Officer for Charlottesville Tomorrow, filling in for Brian Wheeler, recaps the week’s growth and development news. On the July 29 edition of the show:
* Coy and Sean talk about the mission of Charlottesville Tomorrow.
* The most recent City Planning Commission meeting went until 2:30 AM. Coy points out that attending public hearings after midnight is problematic for most citizens.
* At that meeting, the Commission approved the mixed-use Grove Square project.; Sean gives the what, where, and how.
* A bed and breakfast proposed for the intersection of Emmett St. and JPA was deferred by the Commission.
* The Commission recommended approval of Whole Foods’ application to move from Shopper’s World to the intersection of Hydraulic Road and Hillsdale Drive Extended, next to Kmart. Sean and Coy talk with each other, and with a caller, about the traffic implications.
* Sean and Coy talk about the long term intersection of the community’s transportation and water supply infrastructure needs.