Delegate McClellan on transportation funding woes

Delegate Jennifer McClellan (D-71) joins Coy Barefoot on WINAvDj(tm)s vDjnjCharlottesvillevDj”Right Now!vDjkj to discuss the final days of the regular session of the General Assembly. However, McClellan says she thinks the two Houses have to come back into special session to discuss transportation and to pass a budget. Coy also asks McClellanvDj(tm)s thoughts on VDOTvDj(tm)s 44% reduction in road construction funds, the Virginia Supreme CourtvDj(tm)s ruling on the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and her thoughts on the possibility of a gas tax.

vDjnjYou do not want to balkanize the Virginia transportation system where youvDj(tm)ll have localities that can afford roads have roads, and those that canvDj(tm)t, donvDj(tm)t,vDjkj McClellan said.