CRN: Republican Candidate Scott Sayre

Scott Sayre is running for the Republican nomination for Virginia’s 24th District Senate seat, against incumbent Emmett Hanger. Sayre is a graduate of VMI and a business owner in Augusta County. He joins Coy Barefoot on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to discuss why he’s running for office. There 24th District Republican primary will be held on June 12.


2 Replies to “CRN: Republican Candidate Scott Sayre”

  1. No he does not get our vote – He is a liar – We attended a dinner for the ARC and he said one thing he would never do was make negative remarks about his oponent! — That’s all we see on TV .

    He seems to have plenty of money to waste, including money to hire people outside state to do surveys.

    He has fooled a lot of people, but not us. How can you make a bold statement that you will never vote to raise taxes! How will government workers, teachers, etc. ever get a raise. Eventually taxes would have to be raised for something

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