Charlottesville–Right Now: A game of political chicken

Charlottesville Daily Progress political reporter Bob Gibson sets the scene for the “game of chicken” being played in Richmond between the two houses of the General Assembly. With Crossover Day fast approaching, legislators have only one day left to act on bills that originate in their own houses.

“Today and tomorrow are two of the longest days in the legislative year,” says Bob during his weekly visit to WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now. “As of this morning they had more than 1,100 bills that they had not disposed of in the house of origin. By tomorrow night, those bills have to be over in the other house.”

Legislation to be discussed on Tuesday includes the slavery resolution, a tightening of the state’s rules on collection of criminals’ DNA, and of course, what to do about funding new transportation projects.

Coy also asks Bob about his recent article on how we select nominations for circuit judges in Virginia. The legislature will have the final say on who will fill the judgeship on the Albemarle County Circuit Court. The topic has been fiercely discussed on