Wakeup Call: Pie Dumas, Life Coach

Pie Dumas

What exactly is a “life coach?” A look on Wikipedia describes this relatively new profession as someone who aids “clients with transitions in their personal life.” Pie Dumas is a life coach and self-described ‘survior of life’ who appears this week on WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wakeup Call. Rick Moore is somewhat skeptical about life coaches, and asks if these type of people are helpers or hucksters. A lively discussion ensues.

Also on this show: Buying a car is different now that gasoline prices are higher. In his weekly monologue, Rick asks why some vehicles are excluded from fuel economy standards, and expresses gratitude to the person who nearly wrecked into his car this week.

This program is no longer being offered. If you would like to hear it, please contact us.