Wake Up Call: Personal Finance

On the January 19th Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks to PVCC Prof. of Business, Bill Pratt, author of several books including How to Keep Your Kid From Moving Back Home After College and The Graduate’s Guide to Life and Money and vice president of The Money Professors. They discuss various aspects of personal financing such as buying a car, budgeting, choosing colleges, identity theft, and more.

Real Estate Matters: 8-24-11 Info on refinancing and wether to rent or buy

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This episode of Real Estate Matters was recorded on August 6th 2011 on the Debt Ceiling.

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“It’s Your Money” with Andy Zemon of Greenwood Lending

Take a listen to “It’s Your Money” for these finacial tips from Andy Zemon, an 11 year loan officer and financial expert with Greenwood Lending. Andy Zemon specialize in assisting people manage their income, debt, and mortgages. Greenwood Lending is a family-owned and operated mortgage brokerage and their passion is providing financial planning for your home and being your “Lender for Life”.

Andy’s guest for his first podcast is Quinn Beversluis a builder and Realitor here in Charlottesville.

For more tips on your money find the Zemon team online at www.greenwoodlending.com/