“It’s Your Money” with Andy Zemon of Greenwood Lending

Take a listen to “It’s Your Money” for these finacial tips from Andy Zemon, an 11 year loan officer and financial expert with Greenwood Lending. Andy Zemon specialize in assisting people manage their income, debt, and mortgages. Greenwood Lending is a family-owned and operated mortgage brokerage and their passion is providing financial planning for your home and being your “Lender for Life”.

Andy’s guest for his first podcast is Quinn Beversluis a builder and Realitor here in Charlottesville.

For more tips on your money find the Zemon team online at www.greenwoodlending.com/

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  1. Thanks for the podcast. The audio quality is very nice. I’ve heard it and it seemed to me quite nice. I’ve never had a debt before so I dont know the rules of it. How to apply for it or what is the criteria that I’ve to fill up to get the loan. According to your speech it seems that you can help me also I liked your 3steps.

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