Charlottesville–Right Now: Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow

Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow joins Coy Barefoot on the November 14th episode for a weekly conversation on growth and development issues. He talks about recent moves in Loudon County, Virginia and Montgomery County Maryland to stop new construction because of a lack of infrastructure. It’s also already time to begin thinking about the three Board of Supervisor seats up for election in Albemarle County. Brian also catches us up on new projects at the Fontaine Research Park, Biscuit Run.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow

Election 2006 is over, but Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow is already on the job for Election 2007. His group will interview all of the candidates for local election this year, and produce a voter’s guide. But, in the meantime, he joins Coy Barefoot for his weekly growth and development update. This week Brian reports the latest on Biscuit Run, discusses the notion of “quality” growth, and wonders with Coy just how many houses have been approved for development.

Charlottesville–Right Now: Brian Wheeler discusses Crozet infrastructure needs and how to pay for them

Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow joins Coy Barefoot on the October 24th edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right now for his weekly growth and development update. Brian and Coy talk about Crozet’s infrastructure needs. How will new roads and schools be paid for? Also, what is the future of the cul-de-sac in an era of interconnected neighborhoods?

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Albemarle BoS talks transportation with area legislators

The General Assembly’s special session on transportation issues is fast approaching. The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors met last week with General Assembly members from the region to weigh in on what they see as the top priorities for funding. Charlottesville Tomorrow recorded the event for podcast and has a run-down on their blog.

City Council candidates speak at Democratic Breakfast

This past Saturday, the two Democratic candidates for the Charlottesville City Council faced questions from their peers at the party’s monthly breakfast. Dave Norris and Julian Taliaferro are the only two declared Democrats vying for the two open council seats. Charlottesville Tomorrow recorded the event, which we present here. Visit Charlottesville Tomorrow’s blog entry on the topic for a run-down.