Wake-Up Call: Life in the Arts

Matt Marshall

Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Sean McCord talks with Matt Marshall, a film lecturer at UVA in a continuing series on a Life in the Arts. Matt is from Levittown Long Island and moved to central Virginia to study and then to teach film. Matt talks about what it means to work in field associated with Hollywood but here in Virginia.

The Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call is heard on WPVC 94.7 Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM. The station is currently looking for volunteers.

Wake-Up Call: Ask the Attorney

WNRN’s August 21’st Sunday morning Wake-Up Call, Rick talks with three attorneys. Jennifer McKeever from Jones & Green, Bob Byrne from Martin Wren Law, and Jessica Phillips from Payne and Hodous. All three attorneys specialize in different legal backgrounds; family, personal injury, employment, and more.

Disclaimer: Do not make decisions based on any of the information discussed on this show. Calling in and asking a question does not establish attorney-client privilege. Also, no confidential information should be given.