Michael Cassidy of the Commonwealth Institute on Virginia’s poverty rate

This week, the U.S. Census Bureau released new figures on poverty in America. Michael Cassidy of the Commonwealth Institute joined Coy Barefoot on WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” to break down the numbers in Virginia. (Click here for their report)

“Virginia actually saw a significant increase in the poverty rate, increasing from 9.6% to 9.9%,” Cassidy said. That translates to over 740,000 Virginians making below the poverty threshold as defined by the federal government.

St. Maarten’s Cafe turns 24: Jim Roland tells the story

St. Maarten’s Cafe, a staple of the Corner, is celebrating it’s 24th anniversary this month. On this installment of WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!”, owner Jim Roland tells the story of how the restaurant came to be, and explains the secret of his success. He also comments on the Amethyst Initiative, a proposal to lower the drinking age back to 18.

Growth and Development Update with Brian Wheeler (8-26-08)

Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow joins Coy Barefoot every Tuesday on WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” to talk about the latest in growth and development issues in Albemarle County and Charlottesville. This week on the show:

Coy Barefoot interviews Barack Obama

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Coy Barefoot from Charlottesville Right Now! interviews presidential hopeful Barack Obama to discuss the economy, swing voters, tax cuts, and autism.

Author Douglas Preston on The Monster of Florence

The Monster of Florence by Douglas PrestonAuthor Douglas Preston relocated with his family to a peaceful farmhouse in Italy to work on his next thriller, only to find that he had moved next door to the scene of a notorious double murder. The perpetrator was none other than the Monster of Florence, a serial killer who had rampaged unchecked through the Tuscan countryside for years. “I had always considered myself a connoisseur of dark stories,” Preston said, “but I had never in my life heard a story as horrifying or as unbelievable as this one.” Preston is the author of this summer’s true-crime thriller, The Monster of Florence.

Space news with U.Va astronomer Ed Murphy

U.Va Astronomer Ed Murphy joined Coy Barefoot on the July 31st episode of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now with Coy Barefoot to talk about the latest happenings in space. And, if you’ve not been paying attention, there’s quite a lot. Listen to this podcast for good overview of what’s been going on:

  • Phoenix lander discovered water ice on Mars. Ed describes some of the challenges faced by Phoenix’s robot arm in collecting soil samples. He also talks about what will come next in Mars exploration.
  • New pictures emerge from Titan’s methane lakes
  • Astronomers now believe Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, has a liquid ocean beneath a thin crust. There is a possibility to life similar to what exists at the ocean’s thermal vents
  • Mark your calendars for the Perseid meteor shower, which peaks on the morning of August 12, though Murphy says a bright moon will mean that people who want to watch should stay up until 1:30 AM, when the moon sets.

The return of Rick Britton’s history talk on Coy Barefoot

Local cartographer and historian Rick Britton joins Coy Barefoot every Friday on WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” to talk about Charlottesville and Albemarle County history. This week on the show:

  • Rick previews a new class he’s teaching at the Senior Center this fall on Thursdays on the early history of Albemarle County and Charlottesville, from the 1720’s to the 1850’s. Call 974-6538 for more information
  • This week’s quiz features questions about area rivers, Indian alliances, the destination of the Three Notched Road, James Monroe’s military history, James Madison’s career, and who was Charlotteville’s namesake married to?
  • Rick previews an upcoming story he’s writing about who really won the Revolutionary War – the Federalists or the Jeffersonian Republicans? Apparently, partisanship in America can be traced back to that question being asked shortly after the surrender at Yorktown.

Growth and development update with Sean Tubbs

Sean Tubbs, Program Officer for Charlottesville Tomorrow, filling in for Brian Wheeler, recaps the week’s growth and development news. On the July 29 edition of the show:
* Coy and Sean talk about the mission of Charlottesville Tomorrow.
* The most recent City Planning Commission meeting went until 2:30 AM. Coy points out that attending public hearings after midnight is problematic for most citizens.
* At that meeting, the Commission approved the mixed-use Grove Square project.; Sean gives the what, where, and how.
* A bed and breakfast proposed for the intersection of Emmett St. and JPA was deferred by the Commission.
* The Commission recommended approval of Whole Foods’ application to move from Shopper’s World to the intersection of Hydraulic Road and Hillsdale Drive Extended, next to Kmart. Sean and Coy talk with each other, and with a caller, about the traffic implications.
* Sean and Coy talk about the long term intersection of the community’s transportation and water supply infrastructure needs.

The real story of Virgil Goode and the Hummer

It’s not every day in little old Charlottesville that you can get the behind-the-scenes, accurate, true, factual story about something you see it on the national news. Or, at least the Daily Show. The other evening,

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Congressman Virgil Goode was the topic of a joke on the program, with host Jon Stewart commenting on Goode’s supposed appearance with a Hummer at the Fourth of July parade in Scottsville.

The Hummer in question belongs to Chris Fairchild of Fluvanna County, who joined Coy Barefoot to explain that Goode never rode in the vehicle, and did not “show up in” the Hummer.

Click over to Sean Tubbs’ blog for a link to the clip. Could not embed Hulu here.

Navy veteran and former POW Galanti explains why he supports McCain for president

Commander Paul Galanti (right) retired from the U.S. Navy after a career that saw him receive many awards and allocations. Now, Galanti is the Chairman of the Virginia Veteran’s for McCain, and is working to elect the Arizona Senator this November. He spent time as a prisoner of war with McCain, and describes what that experience was like.