Coy Barefoot interviews Barack Obama

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Coy Barefoot from Charlottesville Right Now! interviews presidential hopeful Barack Obama to discuss the economy, swing voters, tax cuts, and autism.

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  1. Thank You Thank You Thank You. You are absolutely correct you speak for tens of thousands of parents fighting to keep our heads about water. All I know is my son spoke. My son got shots. My son stopped speaking for 6 years. His doctor committed suicide and his new Defeat Autism Now doctor gave him supplements and a new diet. He said his first words to me… “Hi Daddy” The week before Father’s Day June 2008. I hope and pray that Obama is the guy that will give my child and others the ability to say “I love you”. Thanks again for asking the tough question.

  2. Wow. Great, great question. Nice response, although I’d prefer to hear him working with TACA instead of or maybe as well as Autism Speaks. I’m interested that his General Counsel is dealing with autism, as well as a friend in Chicago. That helps put the “face” on it for him, as opposed to just having it be another talking point on a page.

    Thanks, Coy. Glad to have found out about you!

    Tori Tuncan
    Vienna, VA

  3. Great interview Coy and a superb question. Obama’s response was not bad, he did acknowledge that autism had reached “epidemic proportions”, but not great. If he really accepts reality and will say autism has reached epidemic levels then what does he suggest we do about it?

    We need to get this question out there more often and demand frequent and better responses.

  4. Thank you, Coy; for all that you do for our children. We, too, have a six-year-old son with autism. Your efforts on our behalf are very much appreciated!

    I wish Obama would not continue to taut Autism Speaks as they do not speak for me and my family. My guess from my own personal experiences with the candidates, including Senator Obama, is that he will not. He will not go against the grain and will continue to take the easy road.

  5. I am so glad that Coy Barefoot asked that question. In some senses, I understand the political stealthiness of Senator Obama’s reply. If he does have the intention of laying down the law on the pharmaceutical companies and vaccine manufacturers for creating the worst man-made disaster in history, I would not want him to announce it before he got into office. I wouldn’t think it was wise or politically expediant to show his hand in that way.

    And he has said plenty. If he’s conceding that there’s a rise in rates, this is tantamount to conceding that the cause is environmental. Which is great except that there are some astoundingly stupid theories of “environmental” cause rolling around the airwaves in the in the annals of medical literature which we parents of effected children call the “anything-but-vaccines” theories or the “anything-but-man-made-toxins” theories or, while we’re at it, the “anything-which-quarantines-the-cause-to-family-of-origin” theories. So the pressing question these days is what does someone mean when they say “epidemic”? In other words, which environmental cause are they leaning to?

    We’re tired of the word games. So many of us were witnesses to the crime of autism, we know what made our children “disappear”, at least that it was induced, that it was iatrogenic, that it didn’t run in the family, that it was *something* in the shots– perhaps in combination with other factors, but something in the shots all the same. What we need to hear from Senator Obama could even be in code, encrypted, but we need to know whether he’ll let the chips fall if that cause turns out to be anything so sanctified and as fiercely defended by such powerful entities as vaccines. Because to deny the cause– if it turns out to be something politically touchy– is equivalent to denying actually effective treatment and prevention to millions of children.

    Our local school does have programs but without all that we spend for “alternative” medical attention (“alternative” only in the sense that mainstream medical practitioners refuse to provide the care despite the laboratory results saying that the children suffer from half a dozen medically recognizable physical disorders) for our two effected children– which inurance does not pay for– behavioral approaches would be nearly useless. Children cannot learn when they’re ill. Now that our kids are on the mend and this is clearly a result of the altnerative approaches, they’re learning trajectory has skyrocketed, though our finances are plummeting. In trying so hard to heal our kids, we are working to have the *hopes* that our children can go to college while we spend all the resources we have that might have paid for college.

    Certainly the public programs and school resources for cognitively disabled children could be improved enormously. I’m not faulting what Senator Obama says in this regard, but we need a hint that, no matter whose ox gets gored, he will do what it takes to stop whatever is causing the “disappearances”.

  6. I greatly appreciate your raising this important issue in such a public way. Autism votes, and I’ve been desparate for our leaders on Capitol Hill to take a stand and advocate for treatment programs to help our children lead safe and independent lives. I am a military wife and parent of a child with autism. Autism incidence rate in the military is 1 in every 88 children…..yet less than 5% of these children have been able to access any form of treatment through TRICARE (our military health insurance program). This is an urgent public health concern, but it also places the readiness and retention of our all volunteer force at risk. Congress and the next President should be compelled to intervene. Our military families that serve this great nation with honor and integrity deserve nothing less. We need Senator Obama’s leadership on this important issue.

  7. It is my hope that Michelle Obama will take on autism and ADHD as one of her causes as first lady.
    I have 19 year-old-twin boys who were on the spectrum with various labels such as ADHD, high functioning autism, tourette’s, asperger’s etc. and were healed through alternative medicine. They are both entering their second year of college. I wrote a book Victory Over ADHD- How a mother’s journey to natural medicine reversed her children’s severe emotional, mental, and behavioral problems.
    I would also recommend reading Judith Bluestone’s book The Fabric of Autism. Judith was autistic herself and has recovered.

  8. Great question with an okay response. I would be more on board with Obama if he said he was involved with another Autism organization that places an emphasis on bio-medical like NAA or TACA vs. Austim Speaks. An early diagnosis is good for parents when resources are made readily available. It’s unfortunate resources range dramatically from state to state and city to city. Many parents with autistic children are opting to move to regions with better health care. I would have likedto hear Obama say that autism needs to be seen as a medical condition vs. a mental disorder as it is in most states. We need to get these kids “healthy” if we want them to get better.

  9. I had such high hopes when I learned about this interview. Sadly, AS will only lead Obama directly into a brick wall as they categorically refuse to address the truth that autism is mercury poisoning, except as it applies to their grandson (privately). Thank you for trying, Mr. Barefoot.

  10. Hello All,

    My name is Christopher Stevens and I am a ABA therapy provider in Charlottesville, Va. My company is currently working with Tricare using their DEMO program. Currently we have 5 BCBA’s and 12 tutors on staff and working with several clients with autism and on the spectrum.

    I realize it’s difficult going through Tri-care to find providers in your area and I am adding this comment to merely be a resource. If you live in Virginia and your child needs additional ABA therapy please feel free to call me and see if we may be able to be a resource for you. 434-973-1749.

  11. “”I would also recommend reading Judith Bluestone’s book The Fabric of Autism. Judith was autistic herself and has recovered.””

    Actually I think what has happened is that Judith has achieved such high functionality, she is the same thing as a number of us, who would never have had diagnosis for the condition had not certain curcumstances come about.

    I am one of a number of people who are so highly functional we dont look or seem Autistic. But we are. Its got to be true of a lot of parents, wondering why their kids have the condition. Recessive genes also.

    By all means don’t believe me. But one day the fabled Autism Research will surely prove a way to track the disorder genetically through bloodlines. When that comes, I hope you all have contingency plans for your children.

    Surely you don’t all believe that cures and interventions alone will ‘save’ and ‘recover’ your kids? Support and understanding, acceptance and appropriate welfare funding from state. Are these crazy demands?

    Thank you all, and good luck.

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