Charlottesville Community Engagement: WTJU Edition #2

(Air date: March 2, 2024)

Hello and welcome again to another radio version of Charlottesville Community Engagement, customized for WTJU. I’m Sean Tubbs, the president of Town Crier Productions, a company I set up in 2020 to create stories about what’s happening in the localities surrounding the University of Virginia. Since July 2020, I’ve produced these in newsletter and podcast form, but 

I’m glad now to bring some of these stories to you over the airwaves.

In this edition: 

  • The City of Charlottesville has been served with a lawsuit seeking the overturning of the new zoning code and will respond in court on March 15  (needs pick-up)
  • Representatives from 4H, Habitat for Humanity, and the Legal Aid Justice Center all seek additional funding in Albemarle FY25 budget
  • Just before the Albemarle budget was presented, county officials sent out a report listing what got accomplished in 2023 
  • The $38 million Belmont Bridge will be completed under an emergency contract to help address public safety
  • A group of UVA students seek reform for the way Charlottesville uses one pot of federal money

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