Charlottesville prepping for more work on Downtown Mall trees

Hello! I’m Sean Tubbs, the creator of this website. Last year I got the website back but I’ve not really done too much with it.  But say hello in the comments if you read this! 2023 is the new 2005.

This is an audio story created as part of November 11, 2023 edition of Charlottesville Community Engagement. That’s a newsletter and podcast that is only possible because of the existence of what would go by the acronym CPN.

I’m not sure of this website’s future, but I know its past is where I was able to experiment. I am grateful to Dan Gould for his maintenance of the site over the years.

And here we are, with this quick story about upcoming maintenance on trees on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. In an attempt to be even more confusing about where my content is published in late 2023, here’s the article as it appears on Information Charlottesville

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