Virginia Film Festival 2018: Karenina and I

Sean McCord with Director Tommaso Mottola and actor/producer Gorild Mauseth

When Norwegian actor Gorild Mauseth receives an offer from the Primorsky Regional Drama Theater in Russia to play Anna Karenina, she agrees, and the role becomes an all-consuming venture. To reach the theater in Vladivostok, she travels along the Trans-Siberian Railway, learning Russian and trying to understand why Tolstoy (Liam Neeson) wrote his acclaimed novel Anna Karenina. As she travels through Russia, Mauseth can feel herself slowly becoming Anna, and begins to hear Tolstoy’s voice in her head. Bringing together documentary and narrative elements, Mauseth works to break free from her character by confronting her traumatic past.

Karenina and I runs Saturday at 8:30 pm.

The 2018 Virginia Film Festival runs November 1-4, 2018.