Blokes on the Bench: Week 30

Blokes on the Bench host Andy Richardson and the Blokes are joined in the studio by Charlottesville club C-Ville FC manager Bayram Sadikoglu to discuss the success of their inaugural game in the UPSL beating Savannah Clovers FC at home 5-2. Also their next away game to the Atlanta Allstars this coming weekend and Saturday the 24th of March for their next home game at the Charlottesville High School against FC Cardinals from North Carolina. We also didn’t forget the EPL games, beginning with Manchester United beating Liverpool at Old Trafford. Arsenal beat Watford but the crowd of Arsenal fans in the studio weren’t all smiles. Also, trouble at West Ham as they lose to Burnley at home. Can Chelsea finish top 4? All that and Alex nearly makes the show run for an extra few days, by unleashing another love gush on his beloved Tottenham.

The blokes are Andy Richardson, Mark Coffman, Alex Gomaa, Christian Galdencio, Daniel Rothamel

Blokes on a Bench is heard on WPVC 94.7 Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m.