The Diner of Cville – Cider

Sparkling wine isn’t the only bubbly for imbibing. Hard apple cider is a refreshing alternative, and Charlottesville has four (count ’em four) cideries either in production or soon to open….one artisan is even producing it the way it was thousands of years ago. Johnny Appleseed would be proud. Listen to learn more…and drink up!

Jenie Libby is a writer of food, travel, fiction, essay, and a lover of diner ephemera. She started out a transplanted-from-Pittsburgh restaurant reviewer, but quickly found there’s more to Cville than its restaurants, wine, and the “Which restaurant will close next?” drama. There are stories. LOTS of stories. Previously called “edible cville”‘ Jenie now shares these food stories on “The Diner of Cville…” a blog with recipes, reviews, vintage cookbooks, photos, and of course, diners. She’s not a foodie or a snob. Just someone who loves to cook, eat, and write about both. Check it out at

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