General Thomas J. Jackson

Scott Harris speaking at the Charlottesville Senior Center.

Scott Harris speaking at the
Charlottesville Senior Center.

Regular listeners of our podcasts might know Rick Britton. He’s a Charlottesville-based author, lecturer, and cartographer. An award-winning historian, Rick also organizes a “Civil War Lecture and Day-Trip Series” in conjunction with the Charlottesville Senior Center.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Scott Harris delivered a talk on Confederate General Thomas J. Jackson at Second Manassas, the 1862 action fought close to the spot where the general, in 1861, had won the nickname “Stonewall.” Fought as a meeting engagement on August 28th-30th, 1862, Second Manassas saw Jackson’s corps holding against the uncoordinated enemy assaults ordered by Union General John Pope. At Second Manassas, too, some of Jackson’s men, temporarily out of ammunition and desperate, resorted to throwing rocks.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, Rick Britton will conduct a tour of the Second Manassas Battlefield. The tour will take in the Visitors Center in the morning, then, following lunch nearby, spend the afternoon on this beautifully preserved Northern Virginia battlefield. Bus tour departs from the Charlottesville Senior Center at 9:00 AM. There is a fee for the tour. Call 974-6538 for more information.

This is part three of a six part series for 2011. You can listen to all six parts of this series here.