Real Life with Jennifer Till: Near Death Experience

There is a smaller, but still sizeable group, for whom death and life has a different, but no less profound connection. According to an informal survey conducted several years ago, 4-5% of all Americans have had a near death experience, or NDE. That’s approximately 15 million people in this country, a number that certainly warrants serious investigation, research and conversation; something with which both of my guests this morning agree, although both approach it from their own unique and personal perspective. And both share the absolute conviction that such experience is, at its core, all about changes in one’s state of consciousness

I am joined in the studio by PMH Atwater, researcher, spiritualist, author, public speaker, prayer chaplain and visionary, who, as the title of one of her books says “died three times in 1977”. According to her biography on Wikipedia she “is a pioneer in subjects like near-death experiences, the aftereffects of spiritual experiences, transformations of consciousness, reality shifts and future memory.”

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