Charlottesville–Right Now: Professor John Miller joins Coy Barefoot

1.20.11 Professor and Chair of the University of Virginia’s Department of Classics John Miller joins Coy to discuss Miller’s new book Apollo, Augustus, and the Poets.

Miller talks about the origin of the title of his new work, which received the 2010 Charles Goodwin Award of Merit from the American Philological Association, and then delves into what life was like from both a political and a mythological standpoint in the Roman Empire about which he has written. Today’s conversation also touches on one of the most famous of the classics- Vergil’s epic poem The Aeneid, plus the role of the classics in today’s higher education in America.

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  1. A very illuminating interview that quickly leads the listener into the subject matter of the book and makes clear why it is interesting and important. Many thanks.

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