Charlottesville Right Now: 3-1-10 Kevin Lynch and Betty Mooney

Kevin Lynch and Betty Mooney joined Coy to discuss the latest on the community water supply plan. They share some breaking news about the latest study on dredging. Their organization’s website for more information is located at:

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  1. Mooney and Lynch swooning over the report and their “fear” that it might disappear if you don’t look at it now – that hyperbole adds nothing to the debate. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL REPORT. Is there good news- YES. Might we not need a really big dam maybe but we won’t know till the FINAL version. This report was put on the web over a weeks ago, it’s never been hidden. No where in this report is the figure of 10 million to dredge. Perhaps they are waiting for a final report. The county did screw up by not paying for a new dregding report.

    I love listening to Mooney prattle on about how people “just wants to build a dam” for their resume , she’s passionate and deserves credit but she is over the top in assign movtives to others (talking about an engineer that maybe wants to build a dam on his facebook). Also Coy gets over excited and says “how can they build a dam when they are closing libraries” umm they don’t come from the same pots of money. One has nothing to do with the other.

    Kudos to Lynch and Mooney for their work but don’t over play your hand. They aren’t trying to kill the report- stop saying it because it isn’t going to make it true. You have got some very good news just stick to the facts, overselling could come back to hit you in the face.

  2. On Sunday, March 14th, 2pm at City Space; Citizens for A Sustainable Water Plan will hold a public forum to present information about dredging and why it is the sustainable, affordable solution for our 50 year water plan. Josh, I hope you will attend. Please visit our web-site if you would like to know more about the community water plan or dredging.

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